National Pan-Hellenic Council Membership Intake

2023 Panhellenic Council
Sp 23 IO

Membership intake is the process by which our National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) chapters select, educate, and initiate new members. The organizations determine which semester intake will occur, and some organizations will not complete an intake process for both the fall and spring semesters of the same academic year. There is no council-coordinated intake period.

Intake Tips

Do Your Research

  • Membership within NPHC is a lifetime commitment, so you want to make sure you are making an informed decision.
  • Review the National Website and Instagram profile as well as the local chapter's Instagram profile to learn more about the organization.
  • Be open-minded. Chapters vary from campus to campus.
  • Read The Divine Nine by Lawrence Ross or Black Greek 101 by Walter M. Kimbrough to learn more about the NPHC and its member organizations. 

Ask the Right Questions

  • What is the organization's GPA requirement?
    • Some organizations may require above a 2.5 GPA.
  • What community service has your chapter done recently?
  • What other organizations are your members involved in on campus?
  • What kind of time commitment is involved as a member/officer?
  • What is your favorite memory since joining?
Intake Process
  1. Interest Meeting/Informational/Formal Rush
  2. Interview and Selections
  3. Educational Lessons
  4. Induction/Initiation
  5. New Member Presentation
  • An “Informational” meeting is generally a meeting to learn more information about said organization.
  • An “Interest/Rush Meeting” is a formal event in which members attend who are interested in joining an organization. These meetings typically start intake for organizations.

Dates and times for chapters' Membership Intake Informational events will be posted here once they are scheduled.