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Hazing Prevention

Fraternity members

If you think you or someone you know is being hazed, REPORT IT. We investigate all complaints. While often they turn out to be nothing, sometimes they are serious.

24-Hour Hazing Hotline: (504) 862-3111
You may leave an anonymous or confidential message on the hotline.


We receive calls about possible hazing from students (both fraternity/sorority members and non-members), faculty and staff members, parents, and even students' friends at other universities. Regardless, we never reveal the source of our information – even if a fraternity or sorority is eventually sanctioned. Those reporting a concern should not fear that they or a student they know will suffer any consequences.

You may call or email our staff to report a concern, or you may call the Tulane Hazing Hotline at 504-862-3111 to leave an anonymous message.

Information for the Tulane community

Often people haze or tolerate hazing because they do not know if what they are participating in constitutes hazing. If you are unsure, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the activity involve mental distress such as humiliation or intimidation?
  • Does it involve physical abuse (e.g., sleep deprivation)?
  • Is there a significant risk of injury or a question of safety?
  • Would you have any reservations describing the activity to your parents or a university official?
  • Is alcohol involved?
  • Would you be worried if the activity was shown on the evening news?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "Yes," the activity is probably hazing.