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Prospective Greek members

The Tulane University Fraternity/Sorority Community participates in deferred recruitment, meaning entering first-time first semester freshmen may not join fraternities and sororities. Deferred recruitment allows students the opportunity to adjust to academic life at Tulane before taking on the additional time commitment of a Greek organization.

During New Student Orientation and throughout each fall semester, there are a variety of events, informational sessions, and meetings where students may sign up for more information and meet current members of the Tulane Greek Community. Those events and dates will be listed on the OFSP website and WaveSync. Please contact our office or an organization president with questions.

NOTE: This year, first year students will NOT be permitted to attend social events with alcohol hosted at fraternity houses for the first four weeks of classes (this does not apply to designated fraternity recruitment events, which do not include alcohol).  

Spring Arrival

In the context of safety and following all COVID guidelines, Tulane is committed to supporting the development of our registered student organizations. Through their recruitment, meetings, and events, student organizations provide interpersonal relationships, networking connections, and meaningful engagement. These purposeful co-curricular groups offer hands-on experiential learning and friendships for a lifetime.

This commitment extends to our sorority and fraternity chapters that are registered student organizations and recognized by their national organizations. With over 40% of our Tulane undergraduate student body as active members of our 23 chapters, fraternities and sororities are a significant community of belonging and connection for many Tulane students. 

Specifically, in the time of COVID and our collective loss of interpersonal connections, Tulane and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Programs are working with the chapters and councils to create safe recruitment practices that are informed by and shaped specifically by COVID guidelines. 

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to participate in recruitment or intake, prospective members must:  

  • be full-time, degree-seeking Tulane students
  • have earned 12 hours with a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average in those hours.
    • For students whose first semester of enrollment at Tulane will be Spring 2021, at least 6 of those 12 hours must be from graded, college-level courses accepted for credit by Newcomb-Tulane College. Because you will not have a Tulane GPA, we will use grades in all college-level courses you have taken from Summer 2020 forward to calculate your GPA and determine your eligibility. This means we will include any grades below a C if the class is approved to transfer, even though you would not earn Tulane credit, per university policy.  Courses that have not been approved for transfer in to the Newcomb-Tulane College will not contribute toward this calculation.
  • be in good standing with Tulane. For the purposes of recruitment and intake, good standing is defined as not having received a Student Conduct sanction of Disciplinary Probation or Deferred Suspension and not having been convicted of any academic integrity violations by the Honor Board.
  • not have been found responsible for a drug possession violation
  • successfully complete all four components of our Potential New Member Education Series. All information about these programs will be sent at the beginning of each fall semester month to students' Tulane email. All workshops for the fall 2020 semester will be in the PNM Ed Series Canvas page (opt-in invitation sent to Tulane emails in September).
    • Sexual Violence Prevention Program: OneWave or Consent Conversations (due October 31)
    • Alcohol Education Workshop: available in November (due December 1)
    • Other Drug Workshop: Due October 31
    • Diversity and Inclusivity Workshop: Due September 30 (requirement as a first-year Tulane student; if this does not include you, please email greek@tulane.edu for access)
    • Hazing Prevention Online Module: To complete the module, go to: https://tulane.instructure.com/enroll/JE7CEN (due October 31)
      • You must score at least 80% on the quiz in order to be eligible to join a fraternity or sorority. You do not need to submit anything to our staff; once you have completed the quiz we will be able to view your results and verify your eligibility.
    • Small Group Discussion with Greek Ambassadors: must attend one by the end of December 
  • Specific questions regarding this program can be sent to greek@tulane.edu

These are the minimum requirements set by the University. Each fraternity or sorority has its own policies regarding membership, and many groups have higher requirements.

Please note: The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Programs does not make exceptions to the requirements to join a Greek organization. First year students who withdraw from a course and earn fewer than 12 hours will not be allowed to participate in recruitment or intake. Any issues of academic discrepancies (incomplete courses, contested grades, questions of transfer credit, etc.) must be resolved before recruitment or intake begins. Students should consult the recruitment/intake guidelines for the type of organization they hope to join to find the deadlines for resolving academic discrepancies.

Click on the buttons below for detailed information about recruitment and intake for each council:

Interfraternity Council   Multicultural Greek Council

National Pan-Hellenic Council   Panhellenic Council


Unrecognized Organizations

Neither Tulane University, its Interfraternity Council, nor the fraternities' national organizations recognice Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi, "828"), Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE), Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike), Sigma Alpha Mu (Sammy), or Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) on our campus. The University does not allow students to join a fraternity or sorority that we do not recognize. Students who choose to affiliate with unrecognized organizations may face Student Conduct action. Sanctions for students found responsible for violating the Code of Student Conduct by affiliating with or supporting an unrecognized organization may range from a warning to suspension or expulsion from the University.


Unrecognized fraternities and sororities are not held to the University or governing council standards that govern their behavior. They operate without oversight, training, and education provided by the staff in the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Programs nor by any national organization. 


Please note: The University is currently working with staff from Kappa Sigma on plans to reestablish their chapter at Tulane. Affiliating with the group of students interested in this effort does not constitute affiliating with an unrecognized organization.