Panhellenic Council Recruitment

Panhellenic Recruitment 

Primary Recruitment 2024 has concluded. Continuous Open Bidding (COB) is an informal recruitment process that Panhellenic sororities use to recruit new members outside of Primary Recruitment to reach quota and/or total. Fill out this interest form and Continuous Recruitment MRABA if you would like to be added to our COB Interest List. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What requirements must I fulfill in order to participate? 
All requirements and their details can be found here.

What are recommendations? Do we need them?
You may know someone who is a member/alumna member of one of the nine Panhellenic sororities. It's a good idea to ask them to write a recommendation on your behalf. Similar to a reference letter for a job, recommendations are forms that members of each sorority can submit on your behalf if they feel you are a strong fit for the organization. Forms for recommendations can be found on the inter/national headquarters website for each sorority; the member who writes this letter on your behalf will know where to find a copy. Recommendations can benefit you because they give the sororities more information about your character, interests, and achievements beyond what they may learn about you during recruitment alone. However, recommendations ARE NOT required on Tulane's campus, nor does a recommendation guarantee a bid from any sorority. Many national organizations prefer electronic submission of recommendations; however, if the alumna writing a recommendation is not comfortable with online submission, she may mail a recommendation to the house at the address below (all located in: New Orleans, LA 70118):

  • Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi): LBC Suite G04, 6823 St. Charles Avenue, care of ADPi
  • Alpha Epsilon Phi (AEPhi): 1134 Broadway Street
  • Chi Omega (Chi O): 1029 Broadway Street
  • Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta): 6325 Clara Street
  • Kappa Alpha Theta (Theta): 928 Broadway Street
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma (Kappa): 1033 Audubon Street
  • Phi Mu: 7220 Zimple Street
  • Pi Beta Phi (Pi Phi): 7014 Zimple Street
  • Sigma Delta Tau (SDT): 1013 Broadway Street

With deferred recruitment, we recommend sending recommendation letters or packets starting in October with a deadline of January 5, 2024.

How many members can each sorority take each spring?
Unlike all of the other Greek organizations on campus, the Panhellenic sororities are limited to a certain number of members they may admit to their sorority each year. IFC fraternities and the multicultural groups admit members they feel are a good fit, whether it be one new member or one hundred new members. However Panhellenic sororities are permitted a specific number of women they may ultimately offer bids, as set during the final round of recruitment by a specialist from the National Panhellenic Conference. This number changes from year to year because it is calculated based on the number of women who go through the formal recruitment process. It is determined in a way that offers the most women the opportunity to join a sorority. Some sororities may also be eligible to hold an informal recruitment, called Continuous Open Recruitment (COR). If you are a sophomore, junior, or senior in the fall, you may contact the Assistant Director of Fraternity & Sorority Programs to find out which groups will hold recruitment for the upcoming fall. If you did not receive a bid in the spring after recruitment or did not participate in recruitment, you may also contact her to learn if any groups will take a few additional members for that spring.

Do you make exceptions to the requirements to go through recruitment?
No. Our Panhellenic chapters have a strong commitment to academic achievement; the all-Panhellenic GPA is currently 3.561. Potential members should display a similar commitment and prioritize their academic responsibilities before seeking sorority membership. Additionally, we do NOT round-up GPAs. For example, if the official GPA is a 2.499, it will not be rounded up to 2.500; therefore, this student would be ineligible for recruitment. Likewise, our fraternities and sororities expect members to hold themselves to higher standards of personal behavior than the average student might. Therefore students who are not in good disciplinary standing with the university are not eligible to join these organizations. We strongly recommend making refundable airline reservations in case students' final fall academic record makes them ineligible to participate.

What if I am trying to resolve an issue with a grade in a course (make-up exam, received an incomplete, petitioning to have a grade changed, etc.)?
Any issues with GPAs or credit hours that affect your eligibility to go through recruitment must be reconciled, with documentation provided to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Programs, by Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at 12p.m. CST. Many faculty members use winter break as a time for family vacation and may not be available to discuss grade changes during this time. Therefore, it is imperative to talk with a professor before the university closes for the break. Issues that will not affect your eligibility to participate or change your GPA significantly (i.e., a grade change that moves your GPA from a 3.15 to a 3.36) do not need to be resolved before recruitment. 

I have another obligation (family event, sports team competition, etc.) and need to miss one of the days. May I still participate in recruitment?
Yes, the recruitment staff can excuse absences due to special circumstances. However it is important to note that sororities only have a limited amount of time to meet potential new members during recruitment, so missing events can limit your options and ability to join a sorority.

I missed the registration deadline; can I still register?
No. Fraternity and Sorority Programs sends periodic reminders about recruitment registration to all first-year women via their Tulane email addresses. We set the registration deadline for the latest possible time that will still allow our staff to verify your eligibility to participate and for the sororities to view your information before recruitment begins.

How much does it cost to be in a sorority?
The first semester of membership is generally the most expensive, because there are one-time new member, initiation, and badge fees. Costs in the first semester average $900-$1200. Thereafter they range from $600 to $800 per semester.

Will Dining Services be available for recruitment participants?

Panhellenic Recruitment Rules

These rules govern all the participants in Panhellenic Recruitment. They are reviewed each spring, and changes are adopted by the Panhellenic Council. For questions or clarifications of rules, please contact our Advisor, Rebecca Reed at